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Legal mumbo jumbo:
The base code used in this website including uploader, style sheet, ect. Is Copyright © 2005 - 2007 Mihalism, inc.
When you downloaded this script you downloaded it from mihalism, inc. You may not publish it as your own download.

Mihalism, inc. Holds the right to press legal charges against any copyright removals.

Your website is version: 1.8.4 NFC

System check:
Your server has the GD library extension loaded.
Your upload directory is at the right permission level.
Your thumbnail directory is at the right permission level.
Your logs directory is at the right permission level.

How to ban someone:
1. Go to the upload logs, and get the person IP address.
2. Open the file "banned_logs.txt" in the logs directory, and enter the IP address.
3. Save file and the person, and the person is now banned.

Features included in this version:
  1. Ban People - If you don't want someone accessing your site then just ban them.
  2. Viewer - Show a image to the world with information about the file.
  3. Thumbnails Support - Script will only create thumbnails for supported file types to save storage.
  4. File Logs - Get extra data about the uploaded files.
  5. Thumbnails or Links - When someone views the hosted files there is a option on what view they see the list.
  6. Style Switcher - If the white layout is not your guest favorite color then let them change it around.
  7. Links - Instead of people writing codes for thumbnails, and stuff just use this option.
  8. Hosted Files - Let the public see or not see all hosted files.
  9. Downloader - Let the public download uploaded files.
  10. Uploading Multiple Files - Default is 25 max but it can be changed by editing config.php.
  11. Default Global Template - Nice template for your site that when edited will change every page.
  12. Rules - Your site includes its own terms of service.
  13. Off Site Uploader - Allow others to place your uploader in there invison power board forum.
  14. Random Name - The file name is changed into a random string to stop from having any errors while viewing.
  15. File Types - You pick the file types that people can upload.
  16. File Size - You pick how large a file can be.
  17. Bots Logs - See what bots are on your site with bot logs.
  18. Much more...
Help, feedback, or features request:
You can contact us by emailing us at: webmaster@mihalism.com.

See y'all in the next version!

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